Wednesday, February 01, 2006

almost there

I am finishing my first Jaywalker tonight, dammit! After going like gangbusters on the ankle portion, the rest has dragged a bit. But I will persevere. I must. A finished sock will be posted TOMORROW.

I'm thinking before I cast on for my next Jaywalker, I'll cast on for the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts so I have a big project to work on at home for when I'm sick of working on my nice portable sock.

I completely lost my voice at work today. After I drank some orange juice and rested my throat for a while, I was able to tell my coworker about the time I had a cold and was hoarse from the coughing, and a guy said to me, "Whoa, your voice sounds really sexy today," and I replied, "Well, if you like this, you should hear me cough up phlegm." Woo! That never stops being funny to me.


littlehedgehog said...

Cody really liked it when I had icky voice during my cold. Men are weird.

What are you knitting the hourglass sweater with? The Noro Cash Iroha?

Ramona said...

So is the phlegm thing your new pick-up line? I stayed up until 1:30 finishing my damm Jaywalker.