Monday, January 30, 2006

drugging myself into oblivion, hopefully

So I just got home from work--yeah, at 2:30 am--and opened the Walgreen's-brand pseudo-NyQuil that I bought on the way, to battle the cold that came out of nowhere this afternoon, which I thought was just a hangover or I'd've taken cold meds a lot earlier in the day and saved myself a lot of nose-blowing, and... I have completely lost track of this sentence. Okay, so the WBPNQ says on the label to be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage, because it could cause liver damage. But it doesn't effing give a recommended dose. What the hockey? I guess if anything's going to give me liver damage, it'll be the same ol' habit that gave me the not-the-hangover, but I'd still like to, you know, wake up the morning.
Since I have to go back to work.
So yeah, no Jaywalker progress today. I'm so close to finishing, but on lunch all I could manage was to shovel some french fries into my mouth between coughs. All right, off now to drink the sweet, sweet WBPNQ and go gently into that good night.
Edit--weird, the WBPNQ totally tastes like gin & tonic.


Ramona said...

Girl, don't you know that stuff is staight alcohol with a little artificial flavoring. Hope you feel better.

Beverly said...

Hope you feel better!