Monday, February 27, 2006

don't call me junior!

So I wanted to put this in the sidebar where the JFK thing is, but it's not html, it's a link, so I can't change the table width and it throws everything off. But I am pretty proud of it. Except the fortune-hunting part. He wasn't looking for fortune. He was looking for artifacts. Which belong in a museum.

I did not finish my Olympic knitting. I didn't come into this Games expecting to medal, though. "An upstart kid with a whole lotta spunk, who's got a lot of years of knitting before her," that's what Scott Hamilton called me; Dick Button snorted and said, "well, people should have a certain level of talent and perhaps drive before they're allowed to participate in such a grueling event. She's knitting a plain stockinette-stitch sweater and she just barely got to the armpit region. That's as unattractive as going into a death spiral in a sitting position." Then that woman said, "Her knitting may not be at the gold medal level, Dick, but she came here to show the world just what she's capable of. She danced with the morning sun in this competition, and if anyone could knit moonbeams with peppermint-stick needles, it would be her." (It also didn't help that right before I got to the final waist-shaping increase, I tweaked a method and dropped some stitches.) I was just so caught up in the excitement. This Games has inspired me, however, and I will persevere. My sweater and I will see you at the Arctic Challenge!


Ramona said...

Everbody gets stuck in the "armpit region" once in awhile. Great try!

kate said...

aww, you're indy and i'm marion!