Monday, February 27, 2006

pink is for girls

So I'm making the reindeer on my fair isle hat light pink, as per the suggestions (thanks guys!), and it just occurred to me that someone once told me, or I read somewhere, that Santa's reindeer must all be female because they have antlers in winter. Males must lose theirs in winter... which seems odd, because why wouldn't the females also lose theirs?

Well, I googled it: the urban legend is true. Santa's reindeers must all be female, because males lose their antlers in late fall and females retain theirs til spring. Although this is pretty irrelevant because pink was always part of the plan anyway. In any case, I'm doing light pink reindeer with white hooves and antlers. I've done just one row of fair isle so far--32 white blobs for 32 little hooves. I'll post a pic when it gets more interesting.

In other knitting news, I am almost. Almost. Almost. to the yoke separation for my hourglass sweater.

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Beverly said...

Missed you at SnB. I LOVED "Garden City." I couldn't believe what a good movie it was...I expected fluff for some reason, but I thought it was really touching w/out being sentimental