Friday, February 10, 2006

top 10 moments of the opening ceremonies

10. Bob Costas referring to the "Slovakians" just a few minutes after snidely saying "most Americans" wouldn't know where Torino is. It's Slovaks, dumbass. Join the moron club.
9. the spinning Ferrari. Like whoa.
8. the speech by the mayor of Torino. "Benvenutti! Benvenutti a tutti!" Is there any language more charming than Italian? (Note: I totally don't know if what I just quoted is right, but that's what it sounded like. So if I'm wrong, I join the moron club too.)
7. seeing Sophia Lauren looking fabulous at age 71. If I had style, she would be my style icon.
6. catching glimpses of Danny Kass, my favorite for the men's halfpipe, among all the (excessive, IMO) coverage of Shaun White and Bode Miller; and of Hannah Teter, my favorite for the women's halfpipe, among all the excessive coverage of the men
5. the totally weird 70s and 80s American pop playing during the parade of nations, or whatever it's called when all the athletes come in, and wishing I were an Olympic athlete so I could parade in doing the Hustle
4. secretly rooting for all the nations that only sent one athlete. Way to go, dude!
3. those heat packs that stick to your back. Okay, not technically Olympics-related, but the heat felt good after a day of snowboarding and I wasn't tethered to the wall with a heating-pad cord. Thanks, skin-friendly glue industry!
2. getting to the waist decreases in my hourglass sweater, NOT twisted this time. Score!
1. Pavarotti. Turandot. WOW.


Ramona said...

WOW! You really did watch and take notes. I loved the women carrying the Olympic flag.

Cari said...

Yeah, I really love the Olympics! I like to watch sports I actually enjoy playing myself (as opposed to, say, football), and adding knitting to the mix this year? Perfection.

Beverly said...

Great coverage! Without tv I'm going to rely on your continued reports. No pressure!

littlehedgehog said...

Ok I'm a dork I knew this blog I just hadn't connected your face with the blog. I have a name memory issue :p

I'm a big sucker for Puccini. Big time. We had opera singers at our wedding singing Puccini. I can't imagine getting to hear Pavarotti live. I imagine my heart would actually vibrate.

That flying tomato thing. I mean, he seems nice and all but I can't help thinking how much the guy looks like carrot top. Is that hair color discrimination?