Thursday, February 09, 2006

blonde ambition

...okay, I'm not really blonde anymore, but I am when I get enough sun. So I was planning on making the Hourglass sweater my Knitting Olympics project, and then got to thinking about how long it's going to take and whether I can finish it in two weeks, or whether I should scrap that for now and start something smaller (since after all I am still working on my jaywalkers). My ambitious tendencies are insisting that I stride forth and conquer the sweater, while my more-reasonable side is reminding me how little time I have during most of the week; how last time I cast on for this project, which is knit in the round, I joined it twisted and didn't realize until I was ten rows in; and how easily frustrated I am. (Are you now getting why this blog is called "implosion explosion," gentle reader? Because "Sybil" was already taken.) The war inside my head was settled by my stubbornness: having already started it once, I must finish it. The Hourglass Sweater will not defeat me! I will defeat it and wear its hide! (Or just wear it.) So maybe I will cast on tonight, do two or three rows to establish the project, and then put it away and forget about it until opening ceremonies tomorrow night. Cheating, you say? Well, I can't promise I won't be using any performance-enhancing drugs, either. Or any performance-inhibiting drugs, for that matter. So what are you gonna do about it?

p.s. finally made it to VW to get my metal dpns for my jaywalkers. Oh, SO much better! Was also tempted to buy another skein of sock yarn to start a second pair, but managed to control myself.


Ramona said...

I got 3 rows into my Hourglass Sweater and have not even looked at since.

kate said...