Sunday, February 12, 2006

tv is scary

Look at it. I tried to take a pic of my Knitting Olympics WIP by the TV a la Carole, but instead of Mason Aguirre in the halfpipe, it's like a glowing portal to the next dimension. If you put your ear really close to your speaker right now, you can hear it whisper. I don't recommend that, because it may entrap you in some kind of "The Ring"-like death pact.

My day was ruined about 5 minutes after I got up, as I was sipping my coffee and checking my email. I got an email with the subject line "Shaun White wins gold!" which totally blew my plans of taping the men's halfpipe (broadcast during my work hours), avoiding all media all day long, and being amazed and delighted when my favorite, super-styley Danny Kass, won. Well, whatever, I'll still enjoy watching the tape, and seeing Danny get... silver. Again.

And by the way, I have NEVER heard anyone but ESPN reporters (i.e. middle-aged dorks looking for a gimmick) refer to the Almighty Hype Machine that is Shaun White as "the Flying Tomato." So it's not what "the kids" call him. It's what "the media" calls him.

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Scoutj said...

DUDE! Now you ruined it for ME! lol Oh well.