Saturday, April 26, 2008

christmas in april

That's right, I finally finished my Christmas knitting. Jaywalkers for my dad in Scout's Illini colorway. He said they were comfortable and warm and that he will actually wear them--on select occasions. (I should have thought before I bought the yarn how very unlikely it was that a guy who owns only beige, brown, and black socks would enjoy these, alma mater notwithstanding.) He actually paused in the midst of a busy Saturday of gardening and deck-power-washing to try these on for me, so I can't complain about the quality of the photographs. Can't pose while time's a-wasting. (The picture on the right was his idea--GIANT FEET--and I must say, I love the effect of the giant fern-slash-tribal-headdress. That plant has been the punchline in many a family photo.)

I am making a resolution now. Mark my words: I will knit a sock pattern OTHER THAN JAYWALKERS. It's going to happen. (Oh, sure, I made those Log Cabin socks, but those are slipper-socks. They don't count.)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

hello internet, i am 29

Milestones deserve random lists.

A year ago this month:
1. I turned 28. (Duh.)
2. I had just said goodbye to my life in ABQ and thus,
3. I was trying to get used to a much more bland diet.
4. I was staying with my parents for the month of April because
5. I was leaving for Japan on May 8th.
6. I got to take the train into NYC to get my visa taken care of at the Japanese consulate.
7. I was looking forward to riding trains every day.
8. I was looking doubtfully at my scanty "professional" wardrobe and wondering how I would survive a year in it.
9. I had no plan for my life beyond my year(s) in Japan.
10. And I liked it that way.

This year, this month:
1. I turned 29. (Like the title says.)
2. I am eager for May 8th, so I can stop thinking about how I'm still supposed to be in Japan.
3. I finally got reimbursed by the Japanese government for my unpaid back wages (well, 80% of it anyway, minus another 20% for overseas remittance tax, since I couldn't leave a bank account open in Japan, being a foreigner and all).
4. The money should cover my summer and fall tuition,
5. Since I am now a grad student (again), working on an M.Ed. Because you can never have too many master's degrees.
6. I said goodbye to the awesomest job ever (at least until next winter).
7. I trained for my summer job--lifeguarding! I rescued a 250-lb. man who was lying on the bottom of the deep end (9'5", you guys!)--THREE TIMES! So I got a "special facilities" license and will totally guard the wave pool. I rock.
8. I am finally get used to my current situation and taking a deep breath. Which means I'm knitting again. Today I finished up an Everlasting Bagstopper and am preparing to cast on a Tomten Jacket with that red skein there. (It's Red Heart, but what does a 4-year-old know from yarn quality? It's machine-washable, and it was free!)
9. I miss my overseas friends like mad. Yesterday I was IM-ing with my roommate from Japan, now back in England, about how we plan to open a mad hip tea-shop in her hometown in Cornwall. (...Well, one can dream.)
10. I am gearing up for the end of the semester. Finally.

This month next year:
1. I will turn 30. (Duh. Again.)
2. I will be student-teaching. Scary. But also exciting.
3. I will be finishing my degree and looking for a job. I have no idea where--I have been toying with the idea of staying in the area, for a few years anyway. But who knows. I'd kind of like to move north and live in a quirky New England town with a craggy, mossy landscape and a great LYS. Or work on an Army base in Germany.
4. I will (hopefully) be a certified AASI Level I snowboard instructor. I could have taken the course this year, but decided to spend my dues money on new bindings instead.
5. I will (hopefully) have converted my parents to eating food that has actual flavor. I mean, nobody loves a nice bland pita chip like I do, but variety is the spice of life, no? (...Well, one can dream.)