Saturday, February 04, 2006

jaywalker numero uno--complete-o!

Finally! I finished my first Jaywalker.

After some minor heartbreak at the toe--I tried to three-needle bind-off from a stitch-holder, the other side of which got in the way and caused me to drop four stitches, at which point I almost burst into tears, which made me realize how tired I was (note to self, if you're too tired to fix a mistake then you're too tired to knit) and had to pick up the stitches any old way and go to bed and put off the fixing for another day--I finally got my shizz together today and bound it off. I'm going to keep it in my knitting bag so that if I get discouraged or bored while working on the second, I can pull it out and admire it and re-invigorate my socks drive. (I'm SO the first person to make that joke, I know.) I also think I may jump on the metal-needle train like some of my fellow Albuquerque Stitch n Bitchers (go on, MAKE me stop saying it!), since the bamboo ones shed a few splinters into my yarn, which I did not appreciate. I cast on for the second one already and hope to get at least the ribbing done today before I switch to working on the cabled purse I'm making my friend Amy for her birthday (which was, um, last weekend. Oops). Or maybe, you know, leave the house and be with other people. Whatevs.


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Ramona said...

Ahhhh, what a pretty little Jaywalker. Great Job!

Laurie said...


What yarn and color are you using? It is really beautiful!!! I would like to pick some up myself for some socks!!!