Monday, March 13, 2006

timing is everything

So I went snowboarding at Ski Santa Fe yesterday and it was snowing lightly most of the day, but just enough to make it interesting... nothing like what must be up there now, on a work day! Arghh! Well, I'll have to satisfy myself by watching snowboard-porn (translation: Robot Food binge with much David Benedek lust, oh yeah, I said it) and working on my retro reindeer beanie. I did get off work early enough this evening to go see Minus the Bear at the Launchpad, and I did manage to attach the first sleeve of my hourglass sweater to the body, and cast on for the second sleeve, and get three inches into a new jaywalker. Gotta go wash off the Launchpad's eau de nicotine now. I never mind smoke when I'm in it, but the afterbang (hee! it's an inside joke... with myself!) is awful.

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