Saturday, March 04, 2006

check out my backyard, part III

So I was going to try to take a photo of my living room that gives an idea of just how obsessed I am with photographs, but I'm feeling lazy and the place is a mess (I'm drying a bunch of laundry that can't go in the machine, and I'm not the type to air my clean laundry on the internet), so here's a description instead. In my apartment, total, I have

  • 5 pictures of grandparents, 2 of which include great-aunts and -uncles, 1 of which includes my nephew;
  • 3 pictures of my parents together, 1 picture of my dad and my little sister, 1 picture of my parents and little sister;
  • 1 picture of my best friend and her husband, 1 picture of my best friend and her daughter, and 1 picture of best friend's daughter solo;
  • 8 pictures of landscapes, including a Georgia O'Keeffe-style closeup of mountain laurel, the Pennsylvania state flower;
  • 6 pictures of various friends;
  • and a whopping 10 pictures of my little sister Kate alone or with me, and 3 of her with our nephew. She's not only one of my favorite people but my favorite to take/look at pictures of, 'cause she's so pretty. Of the untold millions of photos of her on my computer, these are my favorites:

The picture of Kate and Ian (our nephew) is quite possibly my favorite picture ever. That was Thanksgiving 2001, I think, when Ian was just over 1 year old, and Katie still had her natural hair color. Isn't it pretty? Tell her to go back to it.

ETA: my dear Katiedids: sorry I kept calling you "little." I meant "younger." Except that you are an inch shorter than me. So there.


Ramona said...

I love the clouds and the designer book shelves.

Beverly said...

The clouds are great! And Ian and Katie are cuties!

Thanks for coming to the reading this afternoon! xx

kate said...

i feel so honored! i should make a list of the pictures in my room