Friday, March 24, 2006

good things come in small paper cups

I spent my Friday night raiding Target and baking cupcakes with my girls Shamsi (who complains she never gets mentioned on her friends' blogs, although she doesn't have one herself, so never mentions us) and Wendy (who may not even know that I have a blog). Yeah, I am wild. Here they are in all their glory. Usual apologies for crap quality of photos etc.--the cupcakes are devil's food and the icing is cherry. The photo on the left more accurately captures its Pepto-Bismolesque color. Thanks and kudos to Shamsi (holy crap, two mentions in one post, are you totally sobbing with joy and gratitude or what?) for figuring out how to get those damn little rainbow dots to stick. (The key is to disturb the icing. Don't let it settle first.) This post was inspired by All Cupcakes, All the Time and sponsored by the letters M and S.


strangelittlemama said...

Did you know we have a new cupcake cafe here in Abq?

Beverly said...

Oh cupcake, how I love thy pink sprinkled frosting goodness. How I long for thee, oh cupcake.

And, what's this about a cupcake cafe? I may not move back east!