Wednesday, March 29, 2006

thank you for bein' a friend

All right, I have something more to say... Reading all the various "Jaime's birthday" posts of my fellow SNBers has made me quite mushy. I'm really grateful to have met so many awesome women. I look forward to it every week, not only because I have enough geeky solitary hobbies and it's good to have a more sociable one (knitting: it's good for you!), or because it's nice to have a cheering section for a project that you think you can't handle (like, say, jaywalkers), but also because I have such a good time. I always laugh so much I feel a little drunk when I leave. I was so bummed when I started working on Tuesday nights, and so excited to hear I can have a two-hour lunch break if I want! So thank you guys, for being awesome.


Scoutj said...

Awwwwwwwwww. Lovefest 2006! heee.

You rock and I hope you stop working on Tuesdays because just getting you for one hour doesn't cut it. You hear me?


strangelittlemama said...

I feel exactly the same.

Ramona said...

You big ball of mush! No Chaco Canyon music-none-zip-nada.

PoMo said...


Maybe you should move back east with me, huh?