Saturday, March 04, 2006

check out my backyard!

Blogger sucks.
So I've been tagged with the "show us your backyard" meme (via Beverly and Scout), but as an apartment dweller I don' t have a backyard. So instead I'm showing off the view from my front porch and some choice bits of the inside. I'm going to do this in a few separate posts as it is way too hard to manage all these photos in this little editing window when Blogger keeps wanting to put them exactly where I do not want them.

I have a shotgun apartment, and I miss having a lot of windows, so being a crafty girl, I "made" some. Here's the fluffy cloud window in the bathroom. (The snowflake window in the living room is currently in the process of revision, as I'm putting some shelves up in front of it.)(And yes, it's supposed to be crooked. Asymmetry is charming.)

ETA: view from front door. Oops.

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