Monday, June 05, 2006

you can't resist us, mr. powers

So I've been a sewing fool lately. I made McCalls 5137, but shirt-length instead of dress-length, and discovered that proportion-wise, it really should have been a dress. I cut down and resized an enormous hoodie that I bought for like $5 on some ill-fated field archaeology trip, when it turned freezing cold and rained unexpectedly, and we trudged, shivering, into Wal-mart to get warm and dry. And I have been making other secret, secret things for people who may read this blog. I love my sewing machine. I don't know how I survived all those years without one. I sit at my desk at work and think how I'd rather be at home, sewing. Sadly, I still have no pictures of anything I've made. I'm still working on my second hourglass sweater and my second pair of jaywalkers, but since they are my second of each, they're not as exciting as starting something new. So they're going kind of slowly. They may go slower still if I start another knitting project, which I'm trying to convince myself not to do. But I have the yarn and needles for Picovoli, calling out to me... I suppose I could always try cross-mojination.

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kate said...

"cross-mojination" is possibly the funniest word ever