Wednesday, June 21, 2006

dammit jim, i'm a knitter, not a... oh

So yeah, I haven't finished anything lately. That's because, as of lunch break on Wednesday (aka right now) I've worked 42.5 hours so far this week. Yeeeeeah.

However, I did get my new ipod shuffle on Friday and have been checking out the knitted ipod cozy thread on Craftster trying to figure out what to make for it. Because I just can't have a naked shuffle. Hee. Pretty cool side benefit of buying directly from Apple: you can get stuff engraved on the side for free. I was considering "someday we will all be robots" or "this ipod is a pipe bomb" but decided in the end to go for... my name. I know, creative, right?

Mmmkay. Back to work. Blargh.

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Auntie Maim said...

I'm resisting buying an iPod until I can marginally justify it as a reward for finishing my field statement, but this hasn't stopped me from spending a ridiculous amount of time planning what my inscription on it might be. The current frontrunner is "Hang the DJ".