Friday, October 10, 2008

"you look like woolly madonna"

That's what I was told by a classmate yesterday, on account of my Endpapers. I'm taking it as a compliment.
I took them for a test hike last night, followed by test wine drinking.
Woolly Madonna strikes a pose:

Woolly Madonna's hard-partying lifestyle gets the better of her:


madalyn said...

Love it! (Especially the hard partying picture.) Too funny!

Scoutj said...


Auntie Maim said...

I like that after hard partying, the PINK side of your vest comes out. I see how it is, you minx.

Cari said...

Hee! The pink side of my vest came out after I was told that the grey side looks like a trash bag. And you know what? It does.

Javajem said...

Express Yourself girl! Madonna is a style queen - I'd definitely take that as a compliment :)