Tuesday, October 28, 2008

snow day!

...and I'm giddy as a schoolgirl! Snow before Halloween! This bodes well for the coming winter-- at least I hope! Blurry cell phone pics of my drive to school:

The school parking lot--note the snowplow piles--where I ran into another teacher and discovered school had just been canceled, which explained the odd lack of buses in the other lot:

And a church that I passed on my way home:

And because we're crazy about photos here at implosion explosion today, here's my sister's Christmas mitten taking a bath. I love how you can see the reflection of the lace curtains in the surface of the water.

And because we're also crazy about other people's photos, check out the Library of Congress's 1930s-1940s in color photo set. I do wish, however, that random jackholes were not enabled to put notes on them, like this one for example, or this one. Why aren't assy comments enough? Why mar the actual photo with an assy note?


Ramona said...

That is very cool. I didn't know you could see those pics on Flickr!

Javajem said...

Holy cow you got snow already!! Wow! That is one thing I miss about PA - we don't get much snow here in MD, but lots of ice instead. Yuck.

You are rocking the mittens!! I actually have a mitten pattern in the works right now!! Hopefully it will be out soon!

Auntie Maim said...

Oh, yay, I can't wait for snow! We came the closest yet today, with freezing-ass wind and a little rain. Yes!