Friday, July 14, 2006

sneak preview

Guess what's blocking:

Hourglass #2. Hopefully real FO shots tomorrow, when it's dry. And maybe with a real camera!

ETA: the color of the sweater is quite accurate. The color of my skin is quite Impressionist. I seriously see a rainbow on my neck. And since the rain (beautiful, beautiful rain!) has stopped here, I'm going to look for one (a rainbow, not a neck) in the sky. (Wouldn't it be awesome if I did see a neck in the sky? You know that oldies/possibly country song "I love a rainy night"? Well, when I was little, I thought it was "I love a rainy neck." I thought it was a song about a guy who didn't have a hood on his raincoat, and cold trickles of rain kept invading the space between his hat and jacket. Make sense? No. Entertaining to a five-year-old? Heck yes. I actually do love a rainy neck. Time to go get one.)


littlehedgehog said...

Oh my Eddie Rabbit. I'm completely ashamed that I know who sang that song. The hourglass looks great! I love the short sleeves and the collar!

strangelittlemama said...

Supah-innovative, I love it!!
Yeah, I remember Eddie Rabbit too, sadly.

Ramona said...

It looks awesome and I love the neckline