Friday, July 07, 2006


So my days of 60-hour workweeks may be over, which means that I may actually blog again, and even better, I may actually attend an SNB again one of these weeks! (A coworker just returned from short-term disability. Which is good, except that I can't stand him, so even though I was run ragged without him, and with a couple of other people quitting at a really inopportune time, I'm not really glad he's back.) Anyhoodle. Before the Never-ending Month of Ridiculous Overtime, I actually did some crafts. I made the ever-popular McCalls 5137 (check out the many versions rounded up at Dress a Day) as a shirt, and now that I've gotten some distance from it (I always hate whatever I've just finished) I really like it (and will like it better with an actual hem!) and want to make another, dress-length. I think for the dress I'll use something slinky, as recommended, instead of regular ol' cotton. And I am almost finished with my cotton Hourglass. I would be finished already, except that I decided to do something funky with the collar, a la Glampyre's Cathode. I'm kind of disappointed with the way it fits--it's a little baggier than I would've liked, but that's what I get for not doing a gauge swatch. It'll be a good casual top, anyway. (And really, when do I wear anything but casual?)

As usual, please ignore the crappy camera-phone/bathroom-mirror pics. One of these things I'm thinking about treating myself to with all my overtime pay is a digital camera, so if you have any suggestions about a good point-n-shoot for the photographically challenged, let me know!


Nichole R. said...

We have a Kodak Easy share, and we loooove it. When we get a new one, that's what we're getting. It's really user friendly.

PoBaL said...

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX A503 is what I have and I really love it. (this is PoBaL Jessy/mllejessy on Craftster)
I think you can see a marked difference in my pictures since getting the new camera, and it was a good price for 5 megapixels and a macro.

Cari said...

Thanks guys!

kate said...

i recommend pants