Friday, April 21, 2006

by hand

So I love this handwriting meme that I've seen going around. I have a thing for handwriting. It shows so much personality. Once an old roommate and I got packages from our moms on the same day. After we ripped them open and squealed over all the awesome mom-stuff--handknit socks for her, homemade jam and a book for me--as we sat in a sea of bubble-wrap my roommate looked at the outside of her package and said, "Don't you just love your mom's handwriting?" And you know what? I really do. My dad's too. My mom's script is very even, all the letters properly proportioned (as you'd expect from a mathematician), perfectly clear, slanted and slightly angular but obviously feminine. My dad's script has huge, dramatic, sweeping capitals and a bunch of little scribbles in between--exactly what you'd expect from a writer, and a person of wide interests--a generalist, not a specialist.

My handwriting, as Amy once said of her own, is somewhere between engineer and psycho-killer.

I also have this thing about drawing squares and windows. I used to cover the margin of my notebooks with them.

In other news, I've got the clap. Yep, I jumped on the Clapotis bandwagon, after seeing the beautiful results that Noelle and Laurie got, as well as prolonged ogling of the thread on Craftster. I got some Andean Silk, color slate, and cast on yesterday. I'm already halfway through section 2 (the increases) because I sat for an hour at work yesterday (on what was supposed to be my day off, but whatevs, I didn't have to work on Easter) waiting for a computer problem to be resolved, with nothing else to do and nobody around... I'm a stealth knitter. WIP photos soon.


Ramona said...

Yeah, I definitely get that psycho-killer vibe from you all the time.

Pomo said...

It's the first thing that crosses my mind when I see you!

Yeah for Clap! I haven't worked on mine for ages, but plan to pull it back out soon. Really. Can't wait to see yours!

Pomo said...

BTW, did you join the Clap yahoo group? There's a great excel sheet to keep track of the pattern in their files section...