Thursday, December 04, 2008

everybody plays tag

I've been tagged! Oh crap!

The rules:

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Here are six random things about me, in the order in which they occurred to me:

1. I have done enough of these "random things about me" memes now that I think I'm starting to repeat myself. For example, the first thing I thought of (because I currently need a shower) is how I am infamous for taking really long showers. But I know I've told the internet that particular fact before, and frankly I feel I'm too young to be boring you all with repeated accounts of the same story like somebody's grandpa talking about the war. However, because of my undying affection for Amy, who tagged me, I shall endeavour to think of five more never-seen-before random things.

2. Oh, here's one. I have always had a freakishly large head. One-size-fits-all hats don't. When I was ordering my cap and gown for college graduation, the lady doing the head-measuring told me that the caps were running large and most girls were taking small or extra-small. Then she measured me and said, in that it's-nothing-to-be-embarrassed-about tone that people use at the doctor's office, "well, now, you would take a large or an extra-large." So imagine my confusion when trying on snowboard helmets a couple of weeks ago and discovering that I should order a women's small. It arrived today. It fits. In fact, it's a little loose side-to-side (thanks to the long-and-narrow cranium I inherited from my dad), leaving me with the terrifying, inescapable conclusion that my head is shrinking.

3. Staying in the cranial region, my hair is much thicker and has more texture at the nape than at the crown. I am actually pretty self-conscious about it because my hair is not really thin, but because it's fairly light and fine, light shines through at the hairline in a way that I think makes it look thin. And yet, whenever I get my hair cut, the stylist runs his or her hand through the back and gasps, "oh, it's so thick!" WTF, genetics?

4. I am awesome at driving in reverse. This is because my dad, who used to race cars and dirt bikes (like, a light motorcycle, not BMX) and is a great driver, taught me to drive backwards first. I went around and around the block, which is a horseshoe loop with three blind hills, in reverse about seventy trillion times before he finally let me drive forwards. I have occasionally been tempted to use this power for evil rather than good. I am an undefeated backwards racer.

5. I am nearly incapable of not raising my right eyebrow in pictures. It is an effort of will not to. Every official photograph I have of me features a popped right brow. My mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all do the same thing. Neither of my sisters does.

6. My right leg is a little longer than my left leg, just like Rivers Cuomo. Because of this, I have scoliosis, and my legs are visibly different, muscle-wise, because my short leg works harder than my long leg. Unlike Rivers Cuomo, I would never get my short leg surgically lengthened, even if I got a brilliant album out of it. I cultivate my weirdness.

Okay, I think those are all relatively novel. I tag Jody, Madalyn, Beverly, and Michelle.


madalyn said...

Thanks for the tag! I'm going to post my meme on my blog tomorrow.

Javajem said...

Ha! I have a big head too - I think it's just because our brains are bigger :)
I am also very jealous of your backwards driving skills - I suck at backing up!

Thanks for the tag!