Monday, December 10, 2007

think responsibly

So in the aforementioned care package from Jessa, I received the following:

Rap Snacks. (You know you want to click on it, don't lie to yourself. Don't skip the intro.)

Acting responsibly is one thing, but what the hell is thinking responsibly? I mean, you don't have to be responsible for your thoughts if you don't act on them. You just have to keep the crazy ones in your head. Like, "I wonder if you could put out a fire with ice cream." Okay, great. Interesting thought. Just don't test your theory. Or, "I wonder how many times I could poke the guy in the line in front of me before he totally snaps." Curiouser and curiouser. Let's just imagine it, though. "I wonder how these chips taste." Hmm, interesting question. Let's keep it in the realm of supposition, though. But just because I want to keep them forever and forever. Rap Snacks is love.


Ramona said...

Cari is it just me or are you looking incredibly thin in all these pictures? Sourcream and Onion flavored chips would last forever in my house. I'm more of a bar-b-que flavor girl

Cari said...

Thank you for noticing, Ramona--it's the Japanese diet and all the bike-riding!