Thursday, May 17, 2007

five things I have discovered about Japan.

Wisteria over the canal along my street.
1. It's humid. Dear god, is it humid. I'd forgotten what it's like to leave home with wet hair and then arrive at work with hair still wet.

2. Black coffee is called American coffee; medium is M-size.

3. Produce is expensive. I just had my first piece of fruit since I left the U.S. It was an apple. It was heavenly. It should've been, it cost me a dollar.

4. The 99 yen shop is a godsend. Right next to the subway station, it sells everything from beer to makeup to (overpriced) produce.

5. Every store has its own little theme song that's stuck in your head for hours after you leave.

(My new job is a little overwhelming right now so I apologize if you've been waiting with bated breath for fantastic photos of Shinto shrines or anything. Haven't had time yet.)


Javajem said...

I remember the humidity in Tokyo - god it was hot! When I first got there - I kept seeing people with washclothes in their hand and I couldn't understand why... by the end of the week - I had one too! They sold all kind of "pretty" sweat rags at the little stands near the temples too!

Cheryl said...

Makes for an easy hairdo? Sorry! Good luck finding cheaper produce and getting comfortable w/your new job. Wisteria's my fav!