Thursday, January 25, 2007


So today I was determined to get back on the Central Park Hoodie horse. I've finished knitting the fronts, back, and sleeves and had already sewn the shoulder seams, and then procrastinated for four or five months because I hate seaming. So I just spent an hour sewing one of the side seams, because I'm slow like that, and because I was determined to make the neatest seam ever seen by human or animal. And then I realized I had twisted it. The crappy flash-in-mirror picture is the only one I took, but you can see what I mean--see the twist in the front?

I took a few minutes to calm down, and then decided to undo the shoulder seam, since it was shorter and messier. And somehow I snipped the wrong damn yarn and now look.

I am giving up.

I don't have the strength to fix or frog it right now, but I swear, I am never making a seamed sweater again. From now on I'm knitting only in the round. I was so close. So close!!! And now... Dooooooom.

My other project is sucking hardcore right now too--my maximized minisweater is not working out like I hoped it would. It may still be salvageable, since it's just that the shaping isn't working out, probably because my math was wrong. But I don't feel like working on it at all now. I was so close to finishing a project, I don't want to backtrack. I just want to finish something and hold it up and say, "Man, I rock!" But I can't, because I don't. All in all, I'm pretty much completely discouraged right now. Ugh. Maybe I'll take up woodworking.


Auntie Maim said...

Nooooo! Don't give up, you're awesome! I have never even attempted a seamed -- or even sized -- garment because I fear the sewing, so props for THAT. I get not wanting to go back to it, though -- the mistakes in my finished things, or even the things I really screwed up, then fixed, totally haunt me for the life of the garment. "Oh, you like my hat? Thanks. No, I like it too, it's just...the ears are different sizes." Things like that. Put it aside, or rip it down and remake a different pattern with the yarn to lose the bad juju.

Ramona said...

girlfriend just walk away-tomorrow is another day(for seaming)

littlehedgehog said...

Oh no!! Make something small and cool. That helps me feel better when bigger projects are sucking.

kate said...

if you're thinking of woodworking, i'm sure mr jim sebring could talk in circles for several hours about nothing

i mean, help you learn

Molly said...

Oh. I feel your pain! I HATE when a project I'm busting my ass for gives me nothing but grief in return.
Maybe it will work to put it out of sight for a few weeks. Banish it. Ask it to think about how it has behaved and see if it isn't a little more willing to cooperate the next time you take it out.
Then make something happy and gratifying like a knitted flower.

Faith! said...

I instantly added your blog to my bloglines after reading the heading of this post. Goodness! I'm starting on CPH and am so sorry to hear what happened to yours! I'll definitely keep reading!