Thursday, September 14, 2006

it's so nice to see you back where you belong

[/louis armstrong voice] I finally got to go to SNB this week! Yay! It was a smaller group, but it was nice to catch up with Beth and meet Jody, Molly, Bentley, Morgan and the others. I got out of work ridiculously early (6:30pm!!!!) so I got to hang out as long as I wanted, without thinking about my desk phone going unanswered and getting needled about my long lunch breaks. (Hey boss, if you don't want me to take long lunch breaks, don't say I'm allowed to take long lunch breaks.)

I have so little knitting progress to report. I tried to replicate Katie's eyelet newsboy and undershot the mark; curse my enormous head. So that'll be frogged back a little this week. I went to Village Wools with Shamsi the other day and accidentally bought some purple cashmerino that's becoming a pom-pom beanie. (I was never a purple person before, and now I'm working on two purple projects--the beanie and Tivoli. Remind me not to sit next to Jamie because apparently whatever she has is catching.)
I still have my Tivoli (apparently it's not a Picovoli unless it has the picot edging? Whatevs) and my Central Park Hoodie on the needles. They're both at parts where you need to keep checking the pattern and measuring/counting after every row. I hate those parts. I like the smooth-but-not-boring sailing of a huge section of easily-memorizable pattern. Oh, and I still have my circus-freak jaywalkers going. They're stalled because I've dropped another stitch that I don't feel like fixing. They're sitting on a shelf, not moving. One of the joys of living alone is that you can put something on a shelf, or even on the floor, and it won't move. For months, even. You say, "Sock: sit! Stay!" and it does, and the stitch drops no further.
Speaking of leaving things on the floor, I do have another kind of progress to report. Today I managed to clean two whole rooms in the Apartment of Ever-Increasing Squalor (kitchen and bathroom--smallest rooms, yes, but most important) and do two loads of laundry. I'm a freaking domestic goddess. Worship me, I'm slightly neater than I used to be.

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littlehedgehog said...

I know just how you feel. I've been keeping up with the dishes and laundry the last two months and I'm SO PROUD it's like I'm almost a grownup!

I can't believe I missed you at SNB!! Noo!