Friday, May 19, 2006


Good things about today:
1. I wore my newly-handpainted homage-to-exploding dog shoes today. White fake Vans from Target + fabric paint + a Sharpie = happy feet. (The color of the kitchen floor is awfully green in this pic--it's actually plain ol' off-white--but the color of the shoes is right on.)

2. I got a notice that I had a package waiting for me in the management office of my building, which must be my package from knitpicks with another skein of Andean Silk so that I can finally finish my Clapotis!

3. I tried several new furniture configurations in the living room to accommodate my new pink microsuede butterfly chair! (Aka the Jane Jetson chair)

4. The cat I rescued (and promptly handed off to my animal-loving rescue-expert friend Shamsi, who deserves megaprops for swooping in with her humane trap when my coworkers were talking about poisoning it) is doing better in terms of socialization, appears still to be a kitten, and may be able to be adopted out sooner rather than later. S/he let Shamsi pet him/her today. Sorry to compete with Carole in the please-take-my-kitty Olympics, but isn't he/she cute? We call him/her Chester, but you could rename. (Okay, we really have to find out its sex if only so my grammar is more clear.)

5. I finally got to watch my Grey's Anatomy season finale tape. Um, three times. Had to catch all the nuance, ya know.

Bad things about today:
1. I found out about the New York City Beard and Mustache Championships too late. (I live too far away to go anyway. Maybe someday.)

2. There was no package waiting for me in the management office! I don't know why I got that notice. I'm going to lie in wait for the mailman tomorrow and pounce. I was so disappointed. I wanted to finish my pretty clappy.

3. I didn't find a furniture constellation that actually worked, and worse, the only reason I have the Jane Jetson chair is because Bev gave it to me because she moved back to Connecticut BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

4. While checking my email this morning, I shook my Nouriche without firmly screwing on the cap and sprayed the stuff all over the place--face, hair, silk pajamas (three cheers for Tarzhay!), and (gasp) computer. I managed to wipe off the monitor pretty well but had to buy a new keyboard. (One more for the "good things column--I got to break it in with an extended instant message Grey's rehash with Amy, whose visit last weekend was awesome but too short.) One of the keyboards was "spill-resistant" so naturally I gravitated toward it but Office Depot guy said, "well, if you pour coffee on it, it's going to be ruined anyway." I resisted the urge to say, "actually it was liquid yogurt," and went with the cheaper one.

Now off to watch more taped season finales with animal-rescuer and general rock star Shamsi.


littlehedgehog said...

Well, that nourishe might have been good for your hair and skin though! And you wouldn't believe how many keyboards I've gone through from spilling stuff into them.

Ramona said...

Love the shoes. Hey I have all of Bev's pink desk accessories if you would like to have them.

Auntie Maim said...

Remembered what I had to tell you RE: Burke and Cristina in Grey's Anatomy finale: Poor Cristina. Her hot surgeon boyfriend won't be a surgeon anymore. But his hotness will be a comfort to them both.